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For centuries, civilizations around the globe have recognized the quality, strength and longevity of the humble brick, building countless numbers of structures around the world of which many are still standing. Today, despite being available in many sizes, shapes and colours, the primary materials in brick have been, and still are, clay and cement. In fact, the major difference between bricks today and those used in the Great Wall of world for example, has been the introduction of openings, making today? brick lighter which enables faster laying and transportation.

Building houses with Earth has a history as long as human civilization itself. Ancient and spectacular constructions have survived the centuries because of the magnificent and solid building material qualities of Earth. These natural building reserves in the Earth, not only provided man with centuries of protection, they also ensured that man lived in harmony with his surrounding environment.

Efficient and environmentally friendly, ecobrick is lightweight (approximately half the weight of a clay fastwall brick), and delivers higher insulating and better acoustic values. When used as an internal wall in conjunction with the traditional clay brick external wall, ecobrick improves the resistance to heat moving through that wall by 57% (See SEDO note ?Energy Efficient Housing ?Insulation diagram). Culminating in a more efficient wall system, this combination leaves the practical and aesthetic benefits of clay bricks outside, but couples them with the higher insulating values of the ecobrick inside the home. When ecobrick is used as part of a concerted approach to improving the energy performance of a home higher Star Ratings can be achieved, highlighted by the Impressions Display Home at Ellenbrook. Aptly called the Evergreen, this magnificent home has achieved an impressive 6 Star Rating

Introducing Lahirumal Pressed Bricks - an Earth based, un-burnt, interlocking, load bearing unique brick, which takes Sri Lanka into the next generation of building materials. With Lahirumal Pressed Bricks you have the winning combination of the best technology of today and the time-tested wisdom of yesterday. Lahirumal Pressed Bricks is an environment friendly brick, made almost completely from Earth and fortified through the latest technology.

Lahirumal Pressed Bricks is a venture of Lahirumal (Pvt)Ltd, which is dedicated to preserving the best in humans and nature.
This is time to make your own House with . The revolutionary building material that keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Save energy and money while helping to save the earth. Your feedback is important to us Please Contact Us